Office Clearances

If you have a large office that needs to be emptied then we may well be able to help.

We are interested in carrying out clearances throughout Mainland UK but particularly in the Midlands.

There are only 3 types of transaction involved in any large clearance.

1. We buy the contents.
2. We neither pay nor make a charge.
3. We make a charge.

It all depends upon the quality and quantity of the goods, the distance and the access to the premises.

We prefer categories 1 or 2 since we make our living by selling on the better items to customers who are often waiting for suitable used goods to become available.

Each clearance is assessed upon its merits, usually by a personal visit.

We have been clearing offices for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our ability to complete clearances effectively within pre-arranged time scales.

All clearances are carried out by our own staff and using our own trucks.

We have carried out many major clearances over the years for large PLC’s and former public utilities.

Why pay a removal company to clear a building when we could – perhaps – do the job without charge or even make a payment to you?

We welcome all enquiries.

Please contact

Alternatively telephone Andy Burton on 0121 771 4944.

If you wish to purchase new furniture and receive a part exchange allowance for your existing furniture please e-mail us your requirements.

IF YOU ARE INTENDING TO PURCHASE NEW desks, chairs and storage then please let us quote. The overall transaction could be MUCH to your Financial advantage.

Please in this instance, contact Jeremy Burrell

Tel: 0121 771 4944